Does your tenant owe you rent?
Feel your letting agent isn't doing enough?.

How can i help?

Many landlords can find themselves with tenants not paying rent, this doesn't mean you have a bad tenant, but it could mean the tenants circumstances have changed.
Tenants, like many people can bury their head in the sand when they find they can't pay the rent.
In many cases letting agents do not know how best to address this problem and in turn put off communication.
Tenants who cannot afford their rent will usually have other debts and the information a tenant needs to help them pay the rent, isn't something a letting agent would train its staff to do.
My holistic approach is based on highly skilled communication and advice training.
My outcomes are rarely based on evictions.

Recent Outcomes

  • £7,000 rent arrears cleared for the tenant, tenant able to manage future rent payments

  • £5,500 rent arrears paid for, additional income found for the tenant.

  • Elderly tenant rehoused by local authority after my intervention, property re-let with 50% rent increase.

  • £6,000 rent arrears paid and tenant able to maintain future rent payments

  • £600 rent arrears paid, tenant surrendered property

  • Tenant agreed to move out following Anti Social Behaviour

£7,000 rent arrears cleared

Tenant couple heavily effected by covid, have majority of rent arrears cleared by local authority. Rent payment reinstated and paid in full each month going forward

Letting agent dis-instructed and landlord self managing with ongoing support

Inherited property & Lodger

Inherited property with a lodger, but found lodger now a tenant. None of the pre-tenancy documents had been served.

Lodger(tenant) re-housed and possession gained without court action

Time lines

On average eviction is currently taking around 18 months from service of Notice to eviction day and cost anything up to £3000
My service can find a resolution in 2-3 months and cost around £1000

If you have a letting agent, but feel they are not chasing your tenant enough.
If you tenant owes you rent but isn't communicating,

I can help, I can get the money owed paid to you and support the tenant to ensure either ongoing future rent payments or options if tenants need to move out.

Making sure you are never throwing good money after bad.

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