Do you have tenants who are not paying rent?
Do you have tenants who won't communicate?

Managing property isn’t easy

Managing tenants is much harder than your landlords believe, but when you are managing 100s of tenancies having one or two that fail to communicate and wont pay the rent, cant be costly for your business in both time and money.
Property managers end up spending more time on these few issues which can leave other smaller maintenance reports to be left a little longer than normal.

In addition, your property managers are not expected to be qualified counsellors or debt advisers

My years of experience as a senior adviser for Citizens Advice coupled with 27 years working in lettings and property management allows me to support your staff to get the outcome that is best for your business, the landlord and the tenant.

There are many options for people who cant afford to pay rent, including having the outstanding arrears paid off by grants or other funding and additional income found for the tenant to ensure they can afford future payments.

But most people are embarrassed to talk about debt that coupled with the fear of eviction can stop a tenant communicating altogether.

With eviction proceedings taking even longer than ever before and costing thousands, many landlords would prefer a more positive outcome,

if you have a tenant who has stopped communicating or stopped paying the rent and it is taking too much of your property managers time, contact me to discuss how i can resolve the problem for you and help you keep the landlord happy.

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