S21 Mandatory No fault notice seeking possession 2 months notice  

Section 8 Grounds and Notice periods
Ground Mandatory / Discretionary Definition Current Notice period  
1 Mandatory Landlord is previous Owner/occupier and wishes to move back in 2 months  
2 Mandatory Tenancy subject to ground 1 and lender taking possession 2 months  
3 Mandatory Property was previously a holiday let & tenancy is for less than 8 months  2 Weeks  
4 Mandatory Property was previously student accommodation now let to non-students 2 weeks  
5 Mandatory Property is held as available for occupation by a Minister of religion 2 months  
6 Mandatory Landlord intends to demolish or reconstruct the whole property 2 weeks  
7 Mandatory Tenant dies and no right to secession 2 months  
7A Mandatory the tenant, or a person residing in or visiting the dwelling-house, has been convicted of a serious offence 4 weeks - periodic
1 month- Fix term
7B Mandatory Right to rent  2 weeks  
8 Mandatory where rent arrears are less than 2 months at the date service  2 weeks  
9 Discretionary Suitable alternative accommodation 2 months  
10 Discretionary Some rent arrears at the time of service of notice and possession proceedings 2 weeks  
11 Discretionary Persistent late payment of rent 2 weeks  
12 Discretionary Any other tenancy breach 2 weeks  
13 Discretionary Damage to premises 2 weeks  
14 Discretionary The tenant or a person residing in or visiting the dwelling-house—
has been guilty of conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to a person residing, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality
14ZA Discretionary The tenant or an adult residing in the dwelling-house has been convicted of an indictable offence which took place during, and at the scene of, a riot 2 weeks  
14A Discretionary Domestic violent 2 weeks  
15 Discretionary Deterioration of furniture 2 weeks  
16 Discretionary Tied accommodation 2 months  
17 Discretionary Tenancy granted due to false statement by the tenant 2 weeks